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  1. 11. Szechuan Fire Mac & Cheese
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  4. 7 Reasons Why Sheetz Is Better Than Everyone, Including Wawa

The menu now has several breakfast items such as various sandwiches and bread as well as various flavors of the chicken.

11. Szechuan Fire Mac & Cheese

Their wraps are divided into hot and cold wraps with each category having several options to choose from. Fish are also available in different choices, just like the burgers and hot dogs. When it comes to platters, Sheetz offers popcorn chicken, crispy chicken, twisted branch sandwich and atomic sandwich among many others. All these are available at different quantities with each size differing as stated in the Sheetz menu prices.

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The restaurant also offers pizzas, salads, and coffee. Having a convenient store and gas station kind of set up makes the restaurant ideal for people regardless of their age or gender.

sheetz food menu

This means that you can go their alone or with your child for those who have children and having amazing food and customer service. If you're a daredevil, be my guest and try out the Walking Taco. I like what Sheetz is trying to do with this and it's kind of fun, but I think I'll stick to Taco Bell for my fix of processed fast food texmex.

As you'll probably notice, most of these foods are the lethal combo of deep-fried and cheese-filled, and these bites are no different, but they do offer a zesty kick.

Sorry about that

These are a good way to add some variation of flavor to your order and not too totally spicy. If you're feeling determined, famished, or have a crew of people to feed, these platters are clutch. You can customize them and cater them to your various needs. Sheetz' fryz are nothing to write home about but they're always a safe bet.

I will note that they are a little light on the salt.

7 Reasons Why Sheetz Is Better Than Everyone, Including Wawa

These can be as basic as cheesy fries or as spunky as tater tot nachos There's something about these onion rings that makes them stand out from the rest. Maybe it's that it's next to impossible to find a good fast food onion ring these days.

The standard for best proposal ever has officially been set There's always that one person that asks if you're gonna eat your pickle. I always ate mine, but I wasn't usually the pickle requester.

Then, when I got to Pennsylvania, I became a pickle fanatic and had to fight over who got the leftover pickle at meals. And while we love grabbing piping-hot mozzarella sticks and frozen lemonade on the occasional late-night run, we also reach for healthier options on a regular basis. What healthy options, you ask?

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  2. 10. Twisted Brunch;
  3. 10 Facts about Sheetz That Even #SheetzFreakz Don't Know.

Many of the made-to-order options are loaded with good-for-you ingredients like protein-rich grilled chicken, fresh veggies, multigrain bread and scrambled egg whites. Craving a hearty yet healthy breakfast? Try this flatbread.

What they offer

Made with chicken and provolone cheese, this wrap will keep little ones ready to go with a big dose of protein. Pair with a side of apple slices and low-fat milk for a complete meal. Adults can customize their way to nutritious eating easily with this grilled chicken wrap.

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Add as many veggies as your heart desires fire-roasted green peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and pico de gallo, anyone?